BigIP iRules for fun and profit: Using iRules for HTTP resource load balancing

// September 25th, 2012 // Infrastructure

BigIP Local Traffic Management

How to Load Balance HTTP requests to discrete Pools based on URI

Load balancing HTTP requests to separate origin servers/pools based upon URI paths and doing so in a fashion that is transparent to client requests can be extremely useful.  Listed below is an example of directing incoming HTTP requests to discrete origin servers based upon the client HTTP request header and the resource path specified therein.

     if {[HTTP::uri] contains "/foo/bar/example-VIDEOS/01/"} {
          pool Server_Pool_01
     elseif {[HTTP::uri] contains "/foo/bar/example-IMAGES/02/"} {
          pool Server_Pool_02
     elseif {[HTTP::uri] contains "/foo/bar/example-TEXT/03/"} {
          pool Server_Pool_03


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